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Are you looking to buy bridal slippers for your wedding party?

At Solemates we have the perfect shoes — and it’s so compact, it actually fits inside our handbag. Three words: best foldable shoes!

Whether you plan on wearing these comfortable shoes all day or swapping them out for sky-high heels once you reach your final destination, these roll up shoes take up minimal space in your bag and look cute to boot. The bottom line is that if you are a on-the-go lady you need not kill your feet running around.

We’re passionate about creating shoes with a remarkable difference. Thoughtfully designed and crafted for life on-the-go, our designer brand is renowned for our revolutionary concept of folding shoes.

Midtowns – the foldable flats range by the Solemates are the most well known series and the best foldable flats. They are rated among the best flat shoes for women. These foldable shoes are categorized as the Midtowns and can be used for everyday wear. Whether you are in the office or part of a bridal party, the Midtowns are a great investment!


Cheap Flat Shoes at Solemates

The Purse Pals come in a convenient carrying pouch that fits into your purse, work out bag or gift bag! Simply pull out the Purse Pals Pouch.

Women Flat Shoes

Unzip the pouch to reveal your Purse Pals that are ready to take over where your heels left off! Save your feet from another moment of discomfort! That’s not all though.

Flat Shoes for Women

That same carrying pouch expands into a full size tote bag for you to toss those killer heels into! From the dance floor to your front door, Purse Pals are essential! Life’s a pain without Your Solemates.

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