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Company Overview

Company Overview

Solemates is a proud youthful and trendy company dedicated to bringing our customers portable flats without sacrificing style and comfort. We hate to see ladies walking around barefoot because their precious feet can no longer take those lovely heels. Our foldable flats are fashionable; folding versions are convenient to carry and take the pain out of partying, traveling, or commuting. They offer comfort, style, and price for everyone. Slip into something a little more comfortable.

With Solemates the party doesn’t have to end!

From the original Purse Pal that is a perfect foot saver after a night on your heels to the Midtowns which offers a new level of comfort and portability.

Foldable shoes, roll-up shoes or flirtatious flats – whatever you want to call your Solemates, there’s a pair for every occasion, night or day.

The revolutionary foldable flat design means you can neatly carry an emergency pair with you wherever you go. There’s even a snazzy little twist. Each pair comes with a convenient carrying pouch that fits right into your purse, work out bag, or gift bag!

Pop your heels in our tote bag when you are out or even keep a sneaky little pair in your drawer at work so you’re ready to rock when your killer heels become a pain.

Perfect for a spontaneous night out, or the dreaded walk to and from work – Perfect as a gift for your bridal party gifts ideas – Solemates portable flats makes barefoot better!

Work | Events

Heels are a must at formal work events! Carry our portable shoes in your purse, and you never have to worry again about your heel pain!

Late Nights

Ever wondered how many times you have left the bar with heels in your hand? Get a pair of our foldable flats and you don’t have to do it again.

Wedding | Party Gifts

Our foldable flats are perfect for the weddings! They are cute, fashionable and portable flats that guests will love and keep the dance floor full at night!


Planning to spend some time on a long flight? Or you need to walk through the beach without getting your feet dirty? Kick off your heels and put on our foldable flats that you carried on-board in your purse!