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We hate seeing ladies walking around town town barefoot because of killer heels or worse, dancing barefoot! When the heels need to come off without sacrificing style and providing comfort and convenience of putting their flats in their purses offers the best solution for the on the go female. If you are having a wedding and want a great bridal party gift idea to give to guests that are going to be dancing all night long at your wedding these are simply the best gift you can give to your guests.

With Solemates the party can go all night, our lines of fats provide comfort, style, elegance and is the perfect foot-saver after a night on your heels. Our comfortable wedding shoes makes barefoot better! We are a youthful company dedicated in bringing customers flat shoes for women in all sizes and colors.

You can also use these as your wedding party gifts which should convey your sincere gratitude to the bridesmaids and groomsmen who have been there for you through thick and thin. Our range of Bridal Flats serves as the best bride gifts!

Our Purse Pals are rated as the best foldable flats in town. When you need a break from your heels, or if it is a bridal party gift – slip on the Purse Pals. For your convenience, we have designed the bag in such a way that it expands into a full size tote back in which you can store your heels.

We are awarded for the best value by the Good Housekeeping Magazine, and our Purse Pals allows you to purchase a pair of back up flats without feeling like you’re shelling out more than you’d like for a pair of backup shoes. Our Purse Pals have an excellent compact size when folded in its carrier and very lightweight.

So if you’re looking to try a pair of the flat shoes, ballet flats but don’t want to spend a lot, our Purse Pals are a great budget pick.

So what are you waiting for? Browse through our range of Purse Pals and pick up a pair for yourself, or if you want to gift anyone and have a limited budget.

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